Why Planned Giving.us


Passing On the Twin “I’s”

Every year families search for a long-term strategy that maximizes the value of assets, reflects legacy-based wishes, and minimizes the ultimate reduction of an estate due to costs and taxes.  It’s a quest for the perfect estate plan.

Often, as families think in terms of making gifts today, as well as through the final distribution of assets at death, concern is voiced over the impact such a gift might have on children or grandchildren.  Will the gift prompt extravagance? Will it prevent learning about responsible financial practices?

For many parents the single most important aspect of an estate plan is providing children with the core personal values that are the foundation for true success.  Countless hours of prayer and sleepless contemplation are spent considering exactly how these intangibles might be seeded in the hearts of children.

While everyone will characterize the ideal set of core values in terms unique to a personal set of beliefs, faith and experience, if we were to boil the discussion down to two characteristics capable of shaping a responsible successful individual, it would be the values of Integrity and Initiative – the Twin I’s.  Possessed of these two values, what child will not ultimately succeed in any endeavor?

At PlannedGiving.us, we understand that while there is no planning strategy capable of instilling these backbones of character, the right plan can assist in the maturing process and underscore your belief in integrity and initiative.  Plannedgiving.us is structured to help you create an estate plan that will reflect your values and leave a legacy.

Put Time On Your Side

PlannedGiving.us offers a number of options that will clearly communicate your desires, minimize any reduction due to taxes or other costs, get the most value from assets, and give maturity a chance to take root.  The nature of specific gifts, the precise timing or distribution, and the criteria for gifts can all be used to encourage heirs to both earn and learn.  What assets to transfer today, how to use annual exclusions, and even the construction of trust instruments that distribute assets at designated dates in the future are all options available to parents and grandparents.

So even though there are no guarantees, it is possible to design a long-term financial plan that helps underscore the value you place in the principles of integrity and initiative…and thus, gives lasting impact to the voice of your wishes.

If you would like information on the creation of a plan that demonstrates the value you place in the twin I’s, you are encouraged to contact a member of our Planned Giving staff.  Their professional perspective is offered as an educational service, without cost or obligation.  And, of course, all communication is held in the strictest of confidence.